Keep Your Bias Close to You With These BTS-Inspired Masks

Are you still reeling from the sad news? 🙁 Fret not because you can always keep the OT7 spirit alive thanks to The MASQ Collection’s “Forever 7” Collection. With some of the MASQ team members being ARMYs themselves, it’s no wonder why this local Filipina-led brand chose this as their next collection even before the big news broke.

Jungkook Face Mask BTS The Masq Collection

Photo from The MASQ Collection

In line with the colors that BTS is famous for, the masks come in dark purple, light purple, and pink with the concepts revolving around the silhouettes of the members as well as their songs and eras. Because there were so many ideas amongst the team, they decided to just combine them all, in turn ensuring that there is a design for every ARMY out there.

BTS The Masq Collection 1

Photo from The MASQ Collection

The designs aside, what we especially love about these masks is how they were specifically made for the tropical country that we live in. Knowing that we constantly have to deal with heat, sweat, and humidity, the MASQ Collection ensures that their products:

? Are incredibly lightweight
? Are very breathable and spacious
? Don’t stick to your face even if you sweat or breathe heavily
? Have a multi-strap function so they always stay in place

BTS The Masq Collection 2

Photo from The MASQ Collection

If that isn’t enough to get you excited, you may also curate your own MASQ bundle at a set price. Choose from bundles of 2, 3, 4, or 7 so if you can order your fave sub-unit, your bias and bias wrecker, or all of them at once. Share them with your fellow ARMYs or get them for yourself – it’s all up to you! Get them at

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