Bring Me to Life: Evanescence may come out with new album in 2020

It has been almost a decade since Evanescence has come out with new material. Now, fans might not be waiting a long time to hear new music from the band.

Amy Lee talked about band on an interview with Sirius XM’s Grant Random at Epicenter Festival that happened last May.

“This is sort of a creation year for us,” she said when asked about the possibility of a new album. “We’re playing a few festivals and some headlining shows — a little bit, but not too heavy. And in the time in between getting together and starting the writing process for a new album.”

As for when fans can expect that material to come out, Lee replied, “Hopefully next year,” adding, “We’re just gonna get together and see what happens this month, and start doing that more regularly until we feel like we’re ready to do it.”

Watch her interview below.

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