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Best Brazilian Blowout in Manila

When in Manila and looking for the best place to get a Brazilian blowout, head over to Envy Me Salon in Robinsons Galleria. Why is it the best place? Because aside from the owner, Buddy Congson, being nice and accommodating, they are also the first salon in the Philippines to be Brazilian certified!


For the authentic Brazilian blowout experience, the treatment should be done by someone who is Brazilian certified, and that’s no less than Buddy, the owner of Envy Me Salon, and his staff members. They sure know what they are doing here!



What exactly is this Brazilian blowout, you ask, that I wanted to get one? See, my hair is sort of long (almost waist level) and is becoming difficult to manage. It’s becomes drier by the day, and my split ends are multiplying with it. And I wanted (so badly) to make it soft and smooth and lush, kind of like what you see in shampoo commercials every day. The thing is, I don’t want to have my hair rebonded because I enjoy it’s wavy, surfer girl vibe. The solution: a Brazilian blowout


It’s a treatment designed to make the hair softer and easier to manage. It doesn’t make the hair straight (like in rebonding, hair relaxing) which is perfect for me. Again, I just want it flowy and soft like those girls in shampoo commercials. Teehee! Acai berries are used to create the Brazilian blowout family. Thanks to Mother Nature’s gift, my hair will be saved for 12 awesome weeks!


Buddy and Josh, ready to make some Acai magic




How many salon owners would actually do your own hair? Well Buddy did that for me. We started with hair coloring, which was “managed” by  Josh, the creative director of Envy Me Salon. Although I was iffy at first to get my hair dyed (scared that it will go dry, color might not come out right, issues), Buddy said that Josh is a top L’oreal master colourist in Manila; and that was my assurance that everything will come out just right. And it actually did! Hurrah! The hair color they use doesn’t make the hair dry, too.


 Now it’s time for the actual Brazilian treatment. 



 We started by shampooing my hair twice with anti residue

shampoo (also made of Acai berries)



Blow dry hair then put the Brazilian blowout treatment





 Seal it in using a hair iron (the Brazilian treatment is heat-activated)



Wash it after, put the masque and leave-on treatment



Seal it in again then add some leave on shine shield spray – with UVA and UVB protection



 3 hours later and voila! Hair as bright as snow #chos

(curls were a by-product of ate having a good time)



My hair was so soft, I couldn’t stop holding it! I really felt like my hair was shampoo commercial ready after the Brazilian treatment, haha! And that doesn’t end there. Buddy also gave me tips on how to take care of my hair – choose sulfate-free shampoos, use leave on conditioners, how to avoid dandruff, and other helpful stuff.



Salons with this certificate are the only authentic Brazilian blowout salons



 Meet Buddy Congson, the awesome owner of Envy Me Salon #rhymes



 And meet the authentic Brazilian blowout family


 Thanks, Buddy! 🙂


Now’s a great time to have your hair done, with 2013 just a day away. New year, new and better you! So When in Manila, and thinking of getting an authentic Brazilian blowout treatment, make sure you get it from Envy Me Salon. It may not be cheap, but I tell you, it’ll be worth every Peso you’ll spend. You’ll get what you pay for, and that is, the real thing. Bonus points for getting your shot at having that very shampoo commercial-ish hair.



Brazilian Blowout in Philippines – Envy Me Salon


Envy Me Salon

3rd Floor Body Senses, West Wing, Robinsons Galleria



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