LOOK: Brave Spirits of Frontliners Showcased in “Astig” Reimagined Labels

The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic is a tireless one and at the helm are our hardworking front-liners. To pay tribute to their valiant efforts, many have helped them out— including liquor brand Ginebra San Miguel.

During the initial stages of the quarantine, the company has repurposed its production plant to produce Ethyl Alcohol, which they donated to hospitals and front-liners. And with the extended quarantine and an ongoing liquor ban, they’ve found another way to honor these modern-day heroes— by redesigning their iconic label to salute the Never Say Die spirit of the brand.

Ginebra San Miguel Tribute to Frontliners 6

Originally an artwork by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo, it depicts Saint Michael the Archangel slaying a demon. This has become a symbol of hard work and perseverance and has always been the look for this liquor brand. But just recently, the alcohol brand partnered up with an agency and award-winning artist Peter Peraren to shine the spotlight on the front-liners.

And we just love the new look!

They’ve got one for the healthcare workers…

Ginebra San Miguel Tribute to Frontliners 5

… for the riders, delivery people and couriers…

Ginebra San Miguel Tribute to Frontliners 4

… for the cashiers, baggers and grocery staff…

Ginebra San Miguel Tribute to Frontliners 3

… for the security personnel…

Ginebra San Miguel Tribute to Frontliners 2

… and most especially for the doctors!

Ginebra San Miguel Tribute to Frontliners

While this remains as a social media post that has gone viral, netizens have clamored for the liquor brand to use the label, either as limited-edition collectibles or commemorative art to remind everyone of this significant period. But whether they will follow through with this remains to be seen.

Nevertheless, they aim to remind everyone that through unity, resilience and the Never Say Die spirit, we too will overcome this.

Who else do you think deserves to be in their new label? Let us know in the comments!

(All Photos from Ginebra San Miguel)

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