BPI ePrepaid Mastercard and Exclusive Group Buying Site


When In Manila, get ready for the biggest innovation in the world of online shopping! Get ready for BIG savings and with SAFETY and EASE all rolled into one! Get ready for the BPI ePrepaid Mastercard.

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So how does this ePrepaid Mastercard work? It’s easy! You simply load it with money and you’re good to go! Just like loading a prepaid sim card. I feel that this ePrepaid Mastercard will be my best friend whom I’ll soon be going shopping with a lot….

Now I can book flights and shop online with no hassle! No monthly bills or annual fees and most importantly: 0% interest! With this I’m able to control the amount I use to make purchases because I tend to overspend, which is why I’m not really comfortable using credit cards.

Me and my friend were lucky to take home ePrepaid Mastercard loaded with shopping credits


You may be wondering what makes  this ePrepaid Mastercard different from a debit card? Well I’ve asked the BPI spokes people the same question and apparently, debit cards would require you to have lots of application forms filled up and signed while the ePrepaid Mastercard. works more like a cell phone load where you can just load up with the appropriate amount of cash needed for your current transactions and only as needed for your safety! So no complicated application forms and it’s safe! 

BPI truely immersed into the digital world as they also launched their interactive website BPICards.com and a deal-buying site DealMania.ph (powered by Buyanihan.com) exclusive to BPI cardholders to enjoy special discounts, promos and other perks.


When In Manila, opt for a hassle-free shopping thru BPI ePrepaid Mastercard and be in the know of all the latest craze in town.

BPI Goes Digital With The Launch of ePrepaid Mastercard


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