“Boys Over Flowers” Star Kim Hyun Joong and Wife Are Expecting Their First Baby

Last February,  Kim Hyun Joong announced that he is getting married to his non-celebrity girlfriend during his “Words I Want to Say” gift concert. “I have decided to spend the rest of my life with someone who has stayed by my side through my most difficult and exhausting time,” the Boys Over Flowers star said.

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This July, Soompi reports that they are now expecting their first child! His agency Henecia recently released the announcement. It reads:

This is Kim Hyun Joong’s agency Henecia.

We are informing you of the happy news that has found its way to our artist Kim Hyun Joong’s family.

Kim Hyun Joong is currently awaiting a new life with cautious gratitude and excitement.

We ask for your sincere blessings and support so that he can protect this precious life.

As this news involves the artist’s personal life, we respectfully request that you refrain from excessive interest or speculation out of consideration for his non-celebrity wife.

Thank you.


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Kim Hyun Joong was Yoon Ji-hu in “Boys Over Flowers”, a member of the F4 who was involved in a love triangle with Geum Jan-di and Gu Jun-pyo.

He is also Baek Seung-Jo in “Playful Kiss” (2010), and a member of the boy band SS501.

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