Boy uses phone 10 hours per day, becomes cross-eyed

Too much mobile phone kasi.

This is what we often hear from our mothers or even fathers when we use our mobile phones too much. The same goes when we use our computers too much.

Apparently, she might have a point for reminding us to use our phones less.

boy gets cross eyed phone use 3

Screenshot from Pear Video

A nine-year-old boy in China reportedly became cross-eyed after spending too much time using his mobile phone, according to Oriental Daily. Apparently, the boy is on a summer holiday and he spent most of his time on his phone.

boy gets cross eyed phone use 2

Screenshot from Pear Video

Other children who are on a summer holiday usually spend their time resting at home. However, according to his father, this boy is said to have spent at least 10 hours per day using his phone.

This was revealed via a clip posted on video streaming app Pear Video.

boy gets cross eyed phone use 1

Screenshot from Pear Video

The boy allegedly didn’t listen to what his dad told him and he would often sneak his phone use.

His father noticed something wrong but it was a little bit late because the boy has already become cross-eyed. The doctors who were treating the boy are not yet certain if would recover. They said that the boy has to reduce his phone use. If his condition doesn’t improve, he may need to undergo corrective surgery.

One of the doctors, Dr. Su, said that our eyes are vulnerable at a young age. Therefore, if they get exposed to electronics early on, it can affect our eyes.

The eyes become adapted to the short distance to the phone, which can result in nearsightedness (myopia). Over time, it can also lead to becoming cross-eyed.

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