Bourne Legacy Jeremy Renner to shoot in Manila, Philippines: Set and Street Locations


When in Manila, you can still catch a glimpse of Hollywood celebrities. Since December of 2011, rumors have been spreading around that the fourth installment of the hit movie series, the Bourne films will be shooting in various parts of Manila.


Jeremy Renner Stars in The Bourne Legacy

 Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross in The Bourne Legacy


In a television interview, MMDA Chairman, Francis Tolentino, not only confirmed this rumor but also gave the locations where the film will be shot. Some of the locations are in Navotas Fishport, San Andres Market, Magsaysay Avenue, Ayala Avenue, Marikina Public Market, Nagtahan, Pasay Taft., Jones Bridge, and Intramuros. It will be a month-long shoot from mid-January to mid-February.


 This news was received excitedly from Filipinos all over and was even a worldwide trending topic on Twitter. Hopefully, this big movie project would boost our country’s tourism. Although people should expect heavy traffic in the Metro since the re-routes and closed roads are to be expected.


As the fourth film in the series, The Bourne Legacy will no longer star Matt Damon, instead, Jeremy Renner will be playing the lead role along with Rachael Weisz and Edward Norton. It will be written and directed by Tony Gilroy.


Bourne Legacy Jeremy Renner to shoot in Manila, Philippines: Set and Street Locations