Boracay’s Foul-Smelling Waste Water Improves with Pinoy-Invented Treatment Solution

Boracay from the air: The best view of the island!

In lieu with the coming of over a thousand delegates to the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meet in Boracay, a Filipino-invented waste water treatment called “Eco-Sep” was used to treat several hotel septic tanks in the island, a post from Manila Bulletin reported.

The solution, which is enhanced with organominerals, was able to eliminate the waste water’s foul smell.

Additionally, DOST Secretary Mario Go Montejo mentioned that “it is not only the smell (that was controlled) but we also check the absence of coliform bacteria.”

Still, the treated waste water is NOT suitable for drinking, Montejo emphasized.

Eco-Sep, which means “ecology-friendly septic” system, was created by AdU’s Dr. Merlinda Palencia. It was a research for the project funded by DOST agency Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIEERD).

The report added that “the DOST left behind stock of the concoction to last until the end of the month of May.”

Aside from treating waste water of hotels in Boracay, Eco-Sep can also be used for disaster areas, condominiums, housing projects, and resorts.

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