Boomerang Nation: New Mobile App for the Pinoy Music Scene

When in Manila it’s fairly easier for artists from the international music scene to get better airtime. Music sensations like 1D, Maroon 5, and Lady Gaga just tend to reach a broader audience on TV, the radio and even online. So what can our local indie, rap, hip-hop, R&B, rock artists do to somehow level the playing field?

Tapdash Heuristics Digital Media Development and Christian Ramirez arm our local artists with an app  designed to help musicians reach a broader audience. Boomerang Nation shines the spotlight on our (lesser known) local talent, empowering Pinoy musicians everywhere. Sounds awesome, right?

Well how about we take a closer look at what Boomerang Nation has in store for us…

Boomerang Nation Sign Up

 A simple UI makes for easy navigation.

Boomerang Nation Newsfeed

The App for the Pinoy Artist

Would you consider yourself a struggling musician? Boomerang Nation lets musicians create artist accounts so they can upload original songs and be heard. Since its launch back in December, Boomerang Nation still has to work on rallying together a larger number of artists to truly work as the best source for indie local music.

Sign up and be part of the current roster, which includes (S)crabble, ANDROID-18, Army of One, Beaf, Beverly, Calebral, Createurs, DikTaTura, Howler Flavors, Kyur2Heal, Masha, Miles and Mot, PVPERTHICK, UNICO, Unizontrio, and Weil Ylagan.

Boomerang Nation Featured Artists

 Wouldn’t you want to be a featured artist one day?

The App for the Pinoy Music Enthusiast

Of course Boomerang Nation isn’t just an app for Pinoy local artists.