BNI Philippines Is Gearing Up to Help Filipino Businesses Thrive

BNI Philippines, as part of a global organization and the World’s Largest Business Referral Organization, serving 300,000+ businesses in 74 countries, is able to bring Filipino businesses to local and international markets.

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With 37 years of history and continual growth annually, BNI has the experience and knowledge on how to provide what is needed by businesses in these challenging times. In fact, BNI has our own “BNI Business Builders”, providing our members with thousands of hours of learning, workshops and courses from the leading business leaders around the world.

As we slowly rise from this difficult time, we need to equip business owners with new leadership skills, fresh business ideas and impactful strategies that will not just help them navigate through the new normal but most all make their businesses relevant to the community.

The BNI Philippines National Conference is the most opportune time to learn new business skills and to get inspired through our distinguished international speakers.

Tiffanie Kellog will talk about “Referability through Relatability – Applying the CDSV Platinum Rule”.

A key component to creating success in generating referrals for your business are the relationships you have with the people in your network. When you are able to be more relatable, connecting strongly with others and building relationships that last, will help increase your referrability, leading to profitability.

During Tiffanie’s presentation, she will explore the Platinum Rule™, which discusses how to treat other people the way they want to be treated. When you do that, it will help impact the local community positively.

Charlie Lawson, will speak about “Don’t wait until it feels natural – do it anyway”.

We all dream of bigger and better. The question is what are the steps needed to get there?

Sharing a very personal story where he had to overcome his own limiting beliefs around self-promotion,

Charlie will show how the power of big thinking can help you achieve far more than you thought possible.

Kevin Barbers will discuss “Doing good is good business”.

Tall buildings stand on solid foundations and successful businesses are built on solid relationships as their “foundation”. Kevin will share stories and experiences from 17 years of “Connecting the World”, building strong relationships across the globe and generating almost $1 billion for his members. He will use the BNI Foundation as an example of how we all stand to gain from working closely with the communities in which we live in and do business with.

Cris Manlapaz – Entrepreneurship: Creating a Life by Design

Talking Points: Awareness, Purpose and Living your purpose in Entrepreneurship

We are excited to be hosting the virtual (online) BNI Philippines National Conference on May 26th & 27th, 2022. The theme for the conference is “BNI Better Together: Positively Impacting Business Communities” to reflect BNI Philippine’s goals to support local business communities on an accelerated recovery path. 

To participate in this world-class event, with participants from around the world, visit us at, or contact Rox at or at mobile number 09688537119.