BlueWater Day Spa Special Swedish Massage

Each day, Buyanihan features an unbeatable deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in Metro Manila (for the time being). By promising businesses a minimum number of customers, you can get discounts you won’t find anywhere else. This is called “collective buying power!”

BUYanihan is pretty much based on the “Groupon” buying concept that’s VERY popular and successful in the U.S. right now! Using the power of the Internet, you can basically buy single retail items with the power of a group buying discount!

Anywayz, this week’s Best for Less, BUYanihan deal is:

50% Off on Swedish Massage at BlueWater Day Spa. Pay only P325 (instead of P650)!

Step into a world of wellness. Renew your energy. Purify your soul. BlueWater is a place where serenity will envelop and comfort you amidst the chaos of city life. World-class quality standards ensure their customers emerge worry-free! They take pride in their experienced massage therapists and the latest spa technology to give customers the ultimate spa experience in the Metro.

Relax in serene and calm interiors. BlueWater Day Spa’s interiors echo the beaches of Ibiza, giving clients the illusion of being surrounded by water. Cooling blues and hues of silver will take the weight off of your shoulders. The atmosphere of serenity pervades.

Their holistic approach to wellness means they take care of their customers inside and out. BlueWater Day Spa thinks of how discerning clients want to relax and renew their energy to face the challenges of balancing work, life, and family. No other spa offers unique signature treatments and technology that are available to everyone who needs to relax and enjoy a stress-free day.

The business of beauty and wellness has grown over the last decade due to the increasing demands of modern life on our bodies and minds. BlueWater Day Spa is committed to excellent service, adhering to nothing less than global standards in the spa industry.

From signature massage treatments to certified masseuses and therapists to European products to advanced spa technology – all of this creates the unique BlueWater Day Spa total wellness experience.

Next time, When In Manila, check out to get the best deals from around the Metro! BUYAnihan offers the best for less! Be sure to take advantage of their awesome deal this week with my personal favorite luxury massage place in Manila: the BlueWater Day Spa! Try out their awesome Swedish Massage!

BlueWater Day Spa Capitol Hills

2112949 / 9524829

Annex Bldg Capitol Golf and Country Clubhouse Capitol Hills Drive, Diliman

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