BLACKPINK’s Jennie Reveals Her Comfort Food, and It’s the Same as BTS’ V

In an episode of “Ask Me Anything,” ELLE’s cover star Jennie Kim revealed a few things about her.


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She was asked about the thing she is most proud of, the place she calls home, and more. Although, what really caught our attention was the BLACKPINK member’s comfort food!

“My favorite comfort food is nurungji and you guys can look it up,” Jennie said during her interview with the fashion magazine. Well, we did look it up. For your information, nurungji is scorched rice–yes, like tutong or the burnt rice at the bottom of the rice cooker. Turns out, it’s a traditional Korean snack, but that’s not all that we learned.


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We also found out that nurungji is also BTS’ V’s comfort food! In an episode of the reality show “BTS In The Soop”, V talked about how his mom makes them for him as a snack. Whether he’s working, watching TV, or gaming, he snacks on them regardless of what he’s up to. The BTS star even tried to make them on the show because they’re so good! Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as well as his mom’s.

Jennie also snacks on them all the time! “I carry my own nurungji in my suitcase everywhere I go so I could eat it while I’m traveling, or at work, or at home,” she said. “I have it in my bag pretty much every day!”

Watch Jennie Kim’s full interview below!

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