Bite Contemporary Cuisine Now Offers Healthy Eats Delivered Daily

Bite Contemporary Cuisine Now Offers Healthy Eats Delivered Daily

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When in Manila and would like to maintain a healthy diet by eating healthy low calorie meals but got no time to cook at home, I highly recommend Chef Jam Melchor‘s Healthy Eats at Bite Contemporary Cuisine in partnership with Crossfit Madminute!

I’ve seen a lot of diet delivery services on my news feed since January. I even saw that some of my friends even tried them as well. However in my case, I didn’t find the food and menu appetizing enough as they usually looked soggy  and boring. I also didn’t like the menu in general  because the ingredients were…. errr unhealthy!

Last week, one of my favorite chefs, Chef Jam Melchor of  Bite Contemporary  Cuisine told me he was finally launching one of his dream projects called Healthy Eats, which aims to deliver healthy gourmet, low calorie organic meals that actually look and taste great, for  busy people who aim to eat healthy to maintain good health!

When he showed me the menu, I immediately signed-up for a 2-week meal program! I thought it was really great, ‘coz I didn’t have to worry on what and where to eat anymore!

At last, I don’t  need to worry about the portions and calorie count! Hooooray!!! =)


 Here’s a sample of last week’s menu for breakfast and lunch:



Last Wednesday, I took photos of my meals, so I can show you how they are all nicely prepared by Chef Jam himself! All of them tasted fresh and wonderful! I couldn’t believe I was on a diet! No wonder top celebrities like Piolo Pascual and Carla Abellana etc are going gaga over these Healthy Eats!

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Pistou Pampangga
Protein 25
Fat 15

Bite Healthy Eats-3

Chicken Satay with Peanut Butter Sauce, Cucumber Salad
Carbs 27
Protein 27
Fat 10

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Homemade Yogurt & Crackers
Carbs 25
Protein 8
Fat 8

Bite Healthy Eats-11

Beef with Salad
Carbs 26
Proteins 31
Fat 17


These meals are guaranteed  low in calories, low fat, low sodium, low cholesterol with absolutely NO MSG and are freshly made from scratch. Chef Jam is one of the few chefs I know who are into using organic and sustainable ingredients. He’s very meticulous with the quality of his creations, so I really trust and respect him a lot!


Their 7-day plan offers 3 meals plus an afternoon snack. I didn’t feel deprived at all, for the portions were just right and each meal tasted really nice. If you follow the 7 – day meal program, you can drop up to 2 to 3 pounds in a week, depending on your caloric needs. For best results, exercise is of course recommended!

The Healthy Eats program costs only P400 + 50 delivery charge (50Php Makati and 80Php Outside Makati) per day.  

They delivered it every morning at home before I went to work and all I had to do each meal was to re-heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds!

Really convenient! No more starvation and deprivation for me!

I just finished my 1st week and I’m so excited for next week’s menu!

Thank you so much Chef Jam for providing busy health conscious people like me with this great service! 

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Healthy Eats by Bite Contemporary Cuisine

Glory Bldg, 7427 Yakal St, San Antonio Village Makati City


tel no: (02) 478 2659

TWITTER: @BiteBistroPH and INSTAGRAM: @bitebistro



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Bite Contemporary Cuisine Now Offers Healthy Eats Delivered Daily

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