Biosciences Quiz Bee

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The Biosciences Quiz Bee is an annual science competition for high school students held by the UP Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Society in line with furthering the organization’s mission of advancing science and technology in the country, especially among the youth.

The competition aims to test students’ theoretical and practical abilities in six fields of science: (1) biology, (2) chemistry, (3) physics, (4) mathematics, (5) earth science, and (6) molecular biology and biotechnology.

Now on its 24th year, Biosci 2017 is expected to have 200 contestants from schools all around the nation. This year’s Biosci will also introduce a new aspect to the competition:  a move-type exam involving problems and tasks that test practical and theoretical skill answered as a team. But the event’s not just for healthy competition. There will also be a talk, as well as a lab tour, to give students a ‘sneak peek’ of how it feels like to pursue a career in the sciences.

It’s going to be a tough challenge, but who will emerge as this year’s Biosciences Quiz Bee Champions?

The 24th Annual Biosciences Quiz Bee

30 September 2017

NISMED Auditorium, UP Diliman

Presented by UP MBBS

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Theo-Pam Trading Corporation

YANA Chemodities, Inc.

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