Bikram Yoga Alabang: Hot Yoga Classes in a Heated Room

Bikram Yoga Alabang

I’ve always wanted to try yoga ever since I leaned of it from a magazine I picked up somewhere 3 years ago. It seemed easy enough (or so I thought) for something that could be exercise. When an invite arrived for When In Manila to try out Bikram Yoga Alabang, I jumped at the opportunity.

Bikram Yoga Alabang

I, together with my friend Cheddar, finally summed up enough courage and effort to peel ourselves from our eat-sleep-internet routine.


542285_238157496282929_100002660413502_443156_1469805470_nbikramyogaalabang enjoying our Bikram Yoga Alabang session

It was a rainy afternoon when we stepped inside the Bikram Yoga Alabang studio. We were greeted by Ginger Diaz, BYA studio director and owner.



Ginger Diaz, Me, and my friend Cheddar who helped me take photos.





In a nutshell, she explained to us that Bikram yoga is a 90 minute program that involves a series of 26 poses and breathing exercises done in a heated room (40 °C). Certainly a test of balance and flexibility, she maintains that everyone has his/her own pace and that anyone can most definitely learn.


Offering a bevy of health benefits including weight loss, posture improvement, strengthened muscles, better flexibility, and even skin cleansing, Bikram Yoga Alabang has had all types of people come in to practice yoga. Their vast variety of clientele include triathletes, kids as young as 7, moms, and even dads. BYA welcomes everyone with a sense of adventure and willingness. 



Bikram Yoga Alabang

 NOT JUST FOR YOUR BODY: Bikram Yoga Alabang

When asked about how she found yoga, Ginger tells us the story of how at 24 and working as a preschool teacher, she was like most people in their twenty somethings– confused and looking for purpose. This is exactly what she stumbled upon when she decided to try yoga.


Screen Shot 2012-04-04 at 5.28.36 PM

Not only did she find an effective way to exercise, but she also saw a lot of changes within herself brought about by this new activity. She found a new sense of commitment, responsibility, and discipline in herself. “It’s not like the world changed, but I changed how I viewed the world and I was able to learn and accept more”, Ginger says.


From someone who didn’t even know that Bikram Yoga was done in a heated room, Ginger is now a yoga instructor and a yoga studio owner. She regales us of tales on how she herself struggled with the poses at first, but as is evident in everything that this young lady has achieved, nothing is impossible with hard work.

That’s Ginger at the rightmost, taken from a photo on the wall in Bikram Yoga Alabang.

Her tip to anyone who wants to try? Give it a shot, you never know what it can do for you.


Avi, who invited us over, reminded us hours before to drink lots of water and come on an empty stomach. We came into the studio on a Wednesday, and arrived 30 minutes early for our 6pm class.

Bikram Yoga Alabang challenges its students to do the 30 day challenge– Yoga everyday for 30 days.

Armed with a yoga mat rented from BYA, and a sense of adventure we proceeded to the studio.
Ginger leading the Bikram Yoga Alabang class.
Pretty soon, the room filled up and the classes began. Breathing exercises and poses in a heated room, let me tell you, it’s not as easy as it looks! Ginger led the class and explained everything in a patient, yet firm manner. She talked us through how to do the poses and gave special attention to some of us (ehem) who couldn’t get it right. Marie, one of BYA’s yoga instructors was also in the class with us. Supposedly learning by watching and copying her, there was more “oohs” and “ahhhs” elicited from us than proper poses. Can you blame us?
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  538700_238172049614807_100002660413502_443465_1132624872_nbikramyogaalabang  562452_238165489615463_100002660413502_443321_1769141456_nbikramyogaalabang
Of course, Marie has had years of training. First timers usually tend to have a harder time, but we all start from somewhere.
We were sweating so much at Bikram Yoga Alabang!
Everyone was there to learn and grow. At the end of the day, it didn’t matter if you were a “lean mean yoga machine”, or just a first timer. No judgement, just effort and learning.
We came home that night exhausted but very fulfilled. I felt great the next day and my back (I have scoliosis) had never felt better. Yes, I will most definitely do yoga again.
When In Manila and looking for an effective way to live a healthier lifestyle, to de-stress, or even just to fill your time, Bikram yoga is definitely a must try. Visit Bikram Yoga Alabang and see for yourself.

Bikram Yoga Alabang

Students at Bikram Yoga Alabang are taught by a team of licensed instructors led by

studio director Ginger Diaz.


To know more about Bikram Yoga Alabang, call 8465496 and 09279169909 or send an

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Bikram Yoga Alabang: Hot Yoga Classes in a Heated Room


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