Biggest Blog in the Philippines Hits Milestones: Announced on International News

 Biggest Blog in the Philippines Hits Milestones, announced on International News 


An international news outfit has recognized and reported on’s new record breaking milestones in the Philippines, where we hit over 1 million views per month on our site and get over 40 million impressions on Facebook. 

Check it out:

Biggest Website in the Philippines Hits Milestones announced on International News 


And here was the press conference we held about this record breaking milestone in Philippine history:


 Official WhenInManila Press Conference Announcing Huge Milestone in Philippine Online Marketing 

Seem like the same thing? 

Well these professional news clips and press conferences are actually scripted and made to order! 

A group called “News Worthy Video (NWV)” is actually an online service who you can hire to create personalized news announcements or updates that you can share on your social media outlets or for personal use.

Their most popular announcement video are actually that of new born babies, followed by couple engagement announcements and special occasions like 50th wedding anniversaries. They would make an official looking news clip announcing a new baby boy or girl, for the parents to share with the rest of the family, or announce the engagement of a couple, or the big life milestone. 

Here’s a sample of that baby announcement video:


New baby announcement video


“The number of video scripts we have received that announce a personal message has multiplied like crazy.” says NWV founder, Rebecca Keiller. She goes on to say, “People from all over the world are using our videos as a unique and fun way to make sure their message gets heard, and liked, by all their family, friends, and wider social group.”

Everyone talks about how video is taking over the internet. Video is used for virtually anything, from research and news, to entertainment and personal interest. With our culture so engrained in social networking as a credible way of communicating, it can feel like it’s hard to make a special announcement feel special anymore. The birth of your new baby, your engagement announcement, or your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary can get lost in the endless tide of Facebook status updates, Twitter tweets, and emails. The latest craze to get your social network buzzing is to use gimmick video to spread your message. That’s where News Worthy Video (NWV) comes in.

NWV have created videos for all sorts of personal situations, from marriage proposals to baby announcements, wedding anniversary and happy birthday messages to buck’s and hen’s party invites. A great way to spread the word on Facebook or use the video as an email link, personal video messages that are unique are being used for all sorts of situations. “We even created a video for a guy in Texas where our presenter read out his wedding vows as a breaking news broadcast. This video was actually played at his wedding ceremony!” says Rebecca. For under $100 anyone can get a professional HD quality video produced that is catchy, funny, and memorable. 

Not only does NWV do personal video production, they also have a long list of clients who use their professional business videos to promote their service, company, or product. In terms of marketing, especially online marketing, video is definitely the way to go, whether it’s for personal or professional reasons.

Their rates for these videos start at $49

For further information and video samples visit or email


Biggest Website in the Philippines Hits Milestones announced on International News


 News Worthy Video (NWV)

Video Announcements for personal occasions like New Born Babies, Engagement Announcements, 50th Anniversary Announcements, Company Milestones and more. 


Biggest Website in the Philippines Hits Milestones, announced on International News 

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