LOOK: This is What Big Ed and Rose Have Been Up to Post-Breakup

Whenever you go through a breakup, it is almost customary to hear your friends tell you to “be better, not bitter”. Well, it looks like both Big Ed and Rose are living up to that mantra.

In case you aren’t familiar with the couple from ’90 Day Fiance’ Season 4, then you really need to look for videos online and update yourself on their story. I don’t usually watch shows like that, but their relationship as shown onscreen was so tumultuous and so full of drama; and as a fellow Filipina, it was something that I became sliiiiightly invested in.

It seems that both Big Ed and Rose are doing well post-breakup, though – finally living up to the “be better, not bitter” mantra.

Rose, for one, is absolutely SLAYING on Instagram with some new glam photos that I am absolutely in love with! I mean… just look…




I love her captions, too. From “She overcame everything that was meant to destroy her.” to “Morena and Proud.”, I am loving how much Rose has grown since the show, even building a personal brand with a lot of supportive followers on both Instagram and YouTube.

Big Ed hasn’t let down his guard, either. He also took to Instagram shortly after Rose posted her glam photos, posting a photo of himself working out hard at the gym:


Is it “revenge body” time for Big Ed?

Either way, we love how the two of them are moving on and “being better, not bitter”. :p

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