Bible Theme Park in the Philippines: Move Over, Universal Studios!

A pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Jerusalem, is a journey that most avid travelers and religious individuals hope to embark upon at least once in their life. Until then, people can explore a destination that’s just within reach and offers a tour of important biblical events.

Breaking ground on the mountainous terrain of Tuba, Benguet is one of Baguio Ecopark’s main attractions, Holy Land. In this biblical theme park, visitors can experience the recreations of ancient biblical events from the story of Adam and Eve, to ancient Egypt, up until the time of Jesus’ ministry.

Just beside Holy Land is Dinosaurs Island, another theme park built and managed by Baguio Ecopark. Entrance is Php350 per person for Dinosaurs Island or Holy Land, and the package rate for atour of both parks is Php600.


It was quite foggy on the day that we toured the Holy Land, which added to the mysteriousness and spiritual nature of the park.


Upon entering, we were greeted by the pathway of the Garden of Eden. The garden is supposedly a paradise of lush and vibrant greenery, so maybe it would be nicer to have more plants along this garden’s path. (Then again, the efflorescence of the plants might be highly subject to weather conditions.)


The Tree of Knowledge is one of my favorite figures in the Holy Land. It is a compelling depiction of what caused the fall of Adam and Eve. I’d like to think that the park visitors themselves are Adam and Eve and that they are looking at the Tree of Knowledge from the perspective of these two characters.


Moving along, we see and hear about the biblical stories of the Israelites, such as the Passover. 


Remember this guy? Immense physical strength, great moral weakness; that’s Samson. I believe his two weaknesses were untrustworthy women (hey there, Delilah) and his hair. Well, rather, he was under an oath wherein he was forbidden to cut his hair.


Whether or not you’re familiar with the stories in the bible, everyone knows the story of David and Goliath which is herein creatively rendered. Goliath is sculpted largely, but David looks bigger in the photo because he’s the “bigger man”. 😉


We now enter ancient Egypt and are greeted by this replica of the Pyramid of Giza.  A photo op at the top of the pyramid would have been cool, but you should not attempt this as the material is not strong enough to carry a person’s weight.


Meet the pharaohs of ancient Egypt. Pretty neat, eh? From the photos I’ve seen of the pyramids and statues of pharaohs, this looks quite accurate. If I remember correctly, my height reaches up to a little below their knees.


Visitors can enter the pyramid through the entrance flanked by two guards. Don’t worry, there are no mummies inside to jump-scare you. There are 2 passageways which can be explored.


It’s chilly and dark inside the pyramid. No tombs or hieroglyphics here, so just use your imagination. 🙂