Beyonce’s Dad Just Tweeted About The Twins’ Birth But People Aren’t Having It

Dads will always have their own lovable quirks.

And it doesn’t matter who you are, your dad will have them–even if you’re Beyoncé.

It was a few months ago when the American singer announced that she was pregnant and having twins.

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Beyonce, being the queen that she is, had everyone hanging by every move she made during her pregnancy. Fans celebrated with the American singer, and everyone was just eager to meet the newest additions to the royal family equivalent of the US music industry.

It was just this week that rumors spread about Beyonce finally giving birth to the twins. While Queen B herself hasn’t made any confirmation yet, it seems that her father had done it for her.

Matthew Knowles just tweeted that the twins “are here,” but surprisingly, Twitter wasn’t having any of it.

Basically, fans of Queen B wanted to hear it directly from her and not from anyone else–including her dad.

Check out the hilarious reactions on Twitter:

Beyonce is known for secrecy and surprises. So, yes, we’ll just wait for Queen B to tell us herself.

But if it’s true, congratulations to Beyonce for the babies, and to the twins for having an amazing mother!

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