Beyonce even changed her nail color during her LEGENDARY Coachella performance

We don’t deserve Queen Bey. Yes, she did that.

Just in case anyone could doubt just how dedicated Beyonce is in giving her 200% every performance, some eagle-eyed Coachella fans noticed that our lord and savior even went as far as changing her nail color between songs.

We can’t even begin to imagine what she told her styling team as they were prepping for the big show. “Hey, everything’s great and all, but what if we transition my nails, too?” And who were they to deny Beyonce’s genius idea? I imagine that she has a Nascar-level pit stop for a hair and makeup team. Slap on some quick dry top coat and then have the queen rock the stage as always.

Check out some close-ups here:

While her performance will already go down in history as the most iconic in the entire universe (yes, I firmly believe this), the nitty-gritty details will just cement her place as one of the most dedicated and decorated performers ever. Another day of being grateful that I share this planet with Beyonce.

What do you think of her world-class performance? Let us know!


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