Beware of New Modus: Child Pretends to Have Been Hit by Car Near Bank

As Christmas draws near, one of the things we can expect is the increasing number of schemes that aim to take advantage of innocent victims. We cannot say it enough, but always be vigilant, else you might just be the next victim.

A few days ago, Facebook use Ni Kow posted a warning on her page as she and her father almost became victims of another scam after withdrawing some money from the bank. Read her story below.

bank atm


“Nag withdraw ako sa BPI CROSSING CALAMBA BRANCH ng pera. Paglabas ko ng branch, ayan na mga bata na nag aalok ng ampao. Sumakay na ako ng kotche tapos may humahabol na isang batang maliit siguro mga 4years old. Sinabihan ko ng hindi pero hndi pa din umalis sa tabihan ng passenger’s seat. Tapos hanggang umatras na ng dahan dahan yung kotche, yung bata dumapa tapos sigaw na ng sigaw tapos nagsilapitan na yung mga tambay pati yung mga bata pati kami ni dadi napapababa na ng kotche. Sigaw ng sigaw yung isang matanda sabe ayan bale paa!! Bali yung paa nung bata!! Sinagot ko sabi ko manong kung bali ang paa nyan eh hndi ho makakatayo yan at dapat po law law na paa nyan eh nag ddrama lang naman yan eh!! Pati tatay ko galit na galit na. Sinabihan yung mga guard na dapat na kasi sinista nyo yang mga batang yan at hndi nyo pinababayaan dyan sa harap nyo mag silaboy!!”


Rough English Translation:

“I was withdrawing money from BPI Crossing Calamba Branch. When I got out, there were kids begging for some money. I got in my car and a young child, around 4 years old chased after us. I told them no but they still wouldn’t leave from beside the passenger’s seat. We soon backed the car up as we prepared to leave when the child suddenly dropped down and started screaming. The people in the area started approaching us and we had to get out of our car. An elder came shouting saying we broke the kid’s leg. I answered back saying that the child’s leg is not broken, because if it were, he wouldn’t be able to get up and his leg would be hanging. The kid was just acting. Even my dad got really pissed off.”

Ni Kow also shared how the situation pissed her off because the guards at the said branch weren’t helpful at all. According to her, they even told the bums loitering in the area to take note of her plate number. Regardless of the guards’ attitude at this particular branch, the scam the kids did can be replicated anywhere. Always be aware to avoid being fooled.

Has something like this ever happened to you? What would you have done?