BEST Kebab in the Philippines: Jacob Shawarma

OMG! Authentic shawarmas or kebabs from Turkey! Who would have known that this little shawarma place would have within its doors the BEST shawarmas in the Philippines!?!?!

We heard about this place called “Jacob Shawarma”, which supposedly has the best authentic shawarmas / kebabs this side of the world. The owner, unexpectedly named Jacob, is so confident that you’ll like his food, he actually gives a 100% guarantee!

“Not 99.9%, not 99.99999%, 100%!” Jacob confidently said.

Jacob says he loves sharing his love for Turkish food so much, that he’s usually at the store 19 hours a day. According to Jacob, he will never be able to cook Filipino food as authentically and as well as Filipinos, so he believes that he is also the only one here who can truly make authentic Turkish Shawarma!

Moreover, Jacob says that their ingredients and everything else that goes into their shawarmas / kebabs are not only authentic, but also very fresh and healthy. He adds that they only get the best value ingredients and never cut costs for quality when it comes to his food.

Jacob then cooked me and Hannah of some of his specialties. He served us the Pink Salmon Shawarma and Chicken Shawarma.

Right as he served us, he also pointed out that other places with similar (similar, though not authentic) food usually serve their dishes with Garlic Sauce or “cheap” sauce as he called it. Jacob says that they serve their meals with the more expensive Lemon Juice dressing. Again, emphasizing that they always get the best stuff.

It didn’t take long for me to become a believer! One bite and I was HOOKED! The Pink Salmon Shawarma with a dab of Lemon Juice was heaven! Oh, and the Chicken Shawarma, also with dabs of Lemon Juice was just as tasty!

Open 24/7, Jacob Shawarma, a hole-in-the wall restaurant with real nice Turkish interiors in the Ortigas Business District, is the home of 100% real Turkish doner kebab (or shawarma to Filipinos).

Owned by Jacob Cortes, a 30-something handsome Turk, the restaurant serves the most delectable and healthiest shawarmas in town. No preservatives – only the finest and freshest vegetables and Halal meals wrapped in lavas.

Jacob himself prepares and serves 12-inch shawarma sandwiches with a predictable twist.Sandwich fillings change everyday, are grilled on a Panini maker, packed with vegetables, and come with different dressings – mild, regular and spicy. You can choose their bread – normal or whole wheat pita bread.

Meanwhile baklava, that popular Mediterranean dessert, is piled with layers of phyllo pastry with pistachio nuts, topped with honey. Coffee and tea? Turkish, of course. And while you eat or wait for your order, Turkish music is played. Now, how’s that for consistency and atmosphere?

Oh, and BE SURE to try their Fresh Apple Juice!!!! It was the best apple juice I’ve ever had! Moreover, I really enjoyed their Mint Juice, as well!

It’s nice to escape here for two hours after work and before heading home. It’s good for the stomach and expanding one’s social network while chatting with the owner. Jacob, by the way, has Tourism and HRM degrees tucked under his belt. He has worked at some of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants before coming to the Philippines in 2008.

So anyway, When In Manila, be sure to try some AUTHENTIC TURKISH KEBABS and SHAWARMAS at Jacob Shawarma!

Jacob Shawarma

Unit AIC Grande Tower, Sapphire Rd. Ortigas Center, Pasig

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