Best Investments in the Philippines: How to Grow Your Money

As the saying goes, the best time to invest is NOW. So, here,  we’ve listed down some of the best avenues to grow your money. And don’t worry—we know the topic of investing can get pretty intimidating (who understands all those terminologies anyway?) so we tried to simplify them as much as we could here for you.

Here are some tried and tested ways to grow your hard-earned money:

Stock investments

Investing in stocks may be considered high-risk, but it also gives you chances of high returns. Forbes explained that stocks (also called equities) “are units of ownership in a company.” It further added, “When you buy a share of stock, you’re purchasing a partial ownership stake in a company.”

Yiorgos Ntrahas UnsplashImage: Yiorgos Ntrahas via Unsplash

And while owning stocks may provide some benefits depending on the type of shares you own, explained Forbes, do note that this does not mean that you have any influence or say in a company’s operations. It just means that you’re investing in that company—perhaps because you see its potential or believe in its value. With your investment, the company is able to raise its capital to help fund its operations or even to expand. 

So how do you earn from stock investments? That happens when the value of the stock you invested in goes up. Of course, you’ll have to sell your stocks for you to actually gain that growth in your money. And, with that, the more money you invest, the more you can earn. However, stock investment is not without risk. If a company’s stock values go down, you could lose a part or all your investment depending on the dip. So, likewise, the more money you invest, the more you could also lose.

To mitigate the losses from situations like this, remember the saying: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Some investors like to buy stocks from different companies, even a mix of big and small corporations. If you’re patient enough though, and when done carefully, investing in stocks can be a great way to grow your money and fulfill long-term financial goals.

Invest in a trusted condominium property

With the accelerating development of residential towers in the country’s key cities, the condominium market has become highly competitive. Buildings of various configurations, styles, offering all manner of facilities and amenities continue to emerge—and grow. This is why you shouldn’t wait longer to hop on this upward trend and invest in your own condominium.

But with the competitive market, how do you know which one to invest in?

Camella Manors unit

Despite all the unique offerings now available, the bottom line remains: The primary function of a condominium is convenience. Condominiums allow one to live close to places of work, transport hubs, schools, hospitals, recreation centers, or within central business districts while also providing quality amenities, utilities, services, and programs for its residents.

And while the competition among condominium developers is tight, there is one brand that remains constant and unwavering—Camella, a trusted real estate brand in the Philippines. Being part of Vista Land, the country’s top property developer, Camella has the experience, expertise, reach, and loyalty you’d want in your real estate provider.

Camella ManorsThe Camella Manors Northpoint in Davao City. British colonial-themed
mid-rise towers with your choice of mountain, sea, and pine tree garden views.

After an excellent track record in house and lot development, Camella is now making a name in condominium development with its resort-themed, mid-rise properties in key cities. Serene, pine-tree covered, and boasting of lifestyle facilities and round-the-clock security make everyday living in Camella’s vertical villages a vacation. With seven locationsand countingin Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, buyers and investors only need to choose the condominium property that fits their lifestyle. 

Camella’s developments are based on what the Filipino market wants and needs, as well as how that same market will grow through time.

A huge number of those who purchase condominiums do so for investment purposes. With this knowledge, Camella has made it their mission to create lucrative real estate investment options, especially for our OFWs. They are even provided coaching on the advantages and possibilities investing has to offer, helping them turn their purchases into working investments.

With real estate investments like Camella, one invests in a forever home for ones self or ones family, while owning an investment that appreciates with time.

Learn more about Camella’s condominium offerings at For news and updates, follow CamellaOfficial on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Investing in bonds

If stocks seem a little too intimidating for you or you’re worried about losing money (we get it—it hurts to lose money you worked for!), bonds are generally considered to be a low-risk investment. Some say that it’s almost risk-free.

Scott Graham UnsplashImage: Scott Graham, via Unsplash

So what are bonds? A bond is a type of investment wherein you, an investor, act as a loaner to a company or entity. Yes, you lend them money! Many companies and even governments often need huge sums for their projects. Too hefty actually, that they need help from investors like you to help fund them. The difference between bonds and stocks is, where stocks give you partial ownership, bonds make you a loaner. The company is borrowing money from you. The money you lend is your investment.

So how do you earn from this? With bonds, there is a maturity date, a.k.a. the duration of your “deal” with the company. Example the maturity of your bond is 10 years. After 10 years have passed, the company is obligated to pay you back the money you loaned them, plus interest. This is how you earn.

It’s considered a low-risk investment because, as bonds are technically debt, as a holder of the bond, you are a priority—even above the company’s stockholders. 


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