Best Gifts To Your Girl Who Has Everything

What to give a girl who seems to have everything she could ever want? Don’t fret, dear gift-giver, we have got you covered with things she couldn’t even think of herself if she tried.

7. Christmas stocking with her favorites


Go sweet and sentimental this Christmas — buy a Christmas stocking and fill it up with her favorite treats, whether it’s her favorite chocolates, or a mixtape you made for her. She’ll appreciate the effort, and the yuletide theme!

6. A puppy / kitten

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Who can argue with a puppy or a kitten for Christmas Eve? Forget a fancy sportscar, nothing can beat THIS as the perfect Christmas gift. Even better — adopt one that needs a home.

5. The first edition of her favorite book


Any book she’s been dying to read will do, but if you want to go the extra mile, try looking for the first edition of her favorite book she’ll treasure for life.

4. A geeky box with rare fandom finds


One of the best things to give a girl who seems to have everything? A mystery box filled with surprise treats from her favorite fandom. Whether she’s a Harry Potter fan or crazy for Star Wars, you’ll find neat finds like a Time Turner necklace that looks like the real thing, or a BB-8 ice mold that will always find its way to a party, no matter the occasion!

Check out What The Box (WTB), an affordable geeky mystery box with a monthly theme, perfect for you fandom geeks out there. Different collectibles in one box at a cheap price? Talk about bang for your buck!

3. A photo collage


Again, sentimental trumps material, and a photo collage where you poured your heart into will never go unappreciated. Print out your Instagram snaps, or whip out your Instax and start taking shots of your random moments together.

2. A beach trip or plane tickets to another country

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Whisk her to the beach for the holidays! Or if time can afford it, jet to a nearby city abroad like Macau for an unforgettable vacation. AirAsia has cheap rates to Macau worth checking out. Making wonderful memories with her is a Christmas gift she can never forget.

1. A home-cooked dish


This effort even goes a longer way when you don’t actually cook. Fret not, there are easy dishes that you can make that still spell Christmas-y. And even when the meal fails or not, the real winning point here is spending hours slaving over a hot stove.

What will you be giving your loved one this Christmas? Let us know!