Best Friends Andrea Brillantes and Kyle Echarri Reconnect After Four Years

In a recent vlog post, Andrea Brillantes (a.k.a. Blythe) welcomed Kyle Echarri back into her YouTube Channel, and apparently, her life.


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Andrea and Kyle climbed Mt. Kulis in Antipolo together for a collaboration. “For today’s video, kasama ko po ‘yung best friend ko na si Mr. Kyle Echarri,” Andrea introed, “He’s back!” According to her “Kadenang Ginto” co-star, it has been four years since his last appearance on her vlogs. So before beginning Andrea’s “Who’s Most Likely To…?” vlog with Echarri, she said, “Gusto ko lang sabihing I’m happy that you’re back into my life again.”

“Nagkaroon kasi kami ng konting disconnection ni Kyle,” Brillantes clarified, “pero masaya ako na nandito na ulit ‘yung best friend ko.” Indeed, the two retained their relationship as best friends despite the gap and it was proven in a very in-sync game of “Who’s Most Likely To…?”

Since some questions were the same as in their 2015 video, the pair was able to compare how they tackled each topic then versus now, and reflect on their respective “character development.” They even pointed out some specific differences between their teenage selves to their present “adult” selves when it comes to decision-making!

Among the questions were “Who’s most likely to backstab friends,” “Who’s most likely to be a crappy boyfriend/girlfriend,” and “Who’s most likely to go back to their ex,” to name a few. If you’re curious about their responses, watch the full version of Andrea Brillantes’ new vlog with Kyle Echarri below!

The tone of Kyle Echarri’s podcast, on the other hand, was more serious as they did not waste the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart talk while blessed with a wonderful view. “Got to have a deep talk with my best friend after how many years of no constant communication,” he teased. “I’m happy to know she’s in a better place now and I’m happy to say we’re back in each other’s life again.”

Some of the personal things that Kyle was able to get Blythe to talk about was how she really felt about her screen name. “Parang ang yabang niya, ang loud niyang name, [at] ang intimidating niya,” she explained on why she dislikes being called that name by her friends. For those who don’t know, Andrea Brillantes’ real name is Anndrew Blythe Daguio Gorostiza. She added, “Iba talaga si Andrea kay Blythe,” expounding that Andrea is her alter ego as a businesswoman.

Moreover, the former child star opened up to Echarri, expressing that what she has achieved today–such as her U.S. tour for Star Magic with Alexa Ilacad and KD Estrada, her makeup brand Lucky Beauty, and her new home–is way more than what she had wished for! In line with this, she mentioned how blessed she feels and how surprisingly “courageous” she has turned out to be.

She noted, “Kapag naging masipag ka lang talaga at hindi ka nag-give up, and maging mabuti ka lang talagang tao, at hindi ka madala sa fame, hindi ka yumabang, hindi ka magbago, at hindi ka maging bastos, ibebless ka talaga ng todo ni Lord.”

Andrea Brillantes and Kyle Echarri star together in the upcoming TV series “Senior High,” along with Juan Karlos, Elijah Canlas, Zaijian Jaranilla, Xyriel Manabat, Sylvia Sanchez, Angel Aquino, Baron Geisler, and Mon Confiado, among others. This is their reunion project after the 2020 series “Huwag Kang Mangamba,” which is why they pointed out how amazing it was to be back at a significant point in each other’s lives. “I’m happy that we got to experience this kind of role pa together,” he said.

Watch the full version of Kyle Echarri’s podcast with Andrea Brillantes, the pilot episode of his YouTube series “Perspectives,” below!

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