Best Cover of Tadhana by Filipino Group Nairud sa Wabad

They say that Filipinos are some of the most gifted people when it comes to the arts… especially when music is involved. Recently, a cover of the Up Dharma Down’s famous song Tadhana had been going around Facebook. The cover is done by the band Nairud sa Wabad, a 5-man band from Mindanao. They all play their own instruments and come up with a one of the best covers of Tadhana we’ve ever heard.

The group is composed of 5 members namely Andrian “Ojie” Cubillas and Sandino “Tatot” Libres on guitar/vocals, Earl Gioielli Laga-ac on keyboards, Nestor “Estong’ Caballes Jr. on Bass and Fidel “Pidol” Vargas on drums/cajon.

We were so much in awe with the talent these guys have! Things like this definitely make us proud to be Pinoy! What did you guys think of their performance?

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