Bela Padilla calls out MMDA with photo of workers ‘exposed to harm’

On July 6, Saturday, actress Bela Padilla tweeted a photo tagging the official Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) with a photo that shows workers on a back of a truck where she asked: “is it right that your men are exposed to harm this way?”

On the Twitter post, Padilla wrote: “I hope next time you can transport your workers more safely. If we have laws to keep objects in closed trucks to avoid accidents, is it right that your men are exposed to harm this way?”

In response to her tweet, MMDA has mentioned that it has “no excuse” regarding the photo of the workers using umbrellas to protect them from the sun’s heat.

EDSA traffic head Bong Nebrija has agreed with Padilla’s concern, saying “safety is everyone’s responsibility,” according to Inquirer. “Upgrading our heavy equipment to allow our personnel to do their work in a more safe environment,” he added.

MMDA is looking further into the matter, Nebrija mentions.

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