Bela Padilla, Bianca Gonzales, and more share their thoughts on influencer entitlement

In case you missed it, a popular resort in Siargao posted a complaint against “influencers” who have been messaging them to offer free services in exchange for exposure.

White Banana Beach Resort Suargao complains against influencers 1

White Banana Beach Resort Suargao complains against influencers 2

The issue pretty much boiled over when a local content creator decided to call out the resort for seemingly putting influencers in a bad light, which quickly drew flak from Filipino netizens.

Lance De Ocampo draws flak for post

A few Pinoy celebrities also decided to chime in on the issue, particularly Bianca Gonzales, Bela Padilla, and Juan Miguel Severo.

Bela Padilla writes in a Tweet, “It’s soooo sad that you felt the need to take credit for a place so beautiful to begin with and would be perfectly fine with or without you. Tsk tsk. Btw, we all started going to Siargao three years ago NOT because of your posts ✌?”

She also talks about how the editing and composition of most influencer’s photos that are meant to market a destination aren’t doing that at all but instead draws more focus on the influencer himself or herself.

If anything, you distort people’s expectations with your bluer skies, greener trees and unhealthily bluish white teeth. Next time you go to Siargao, dont bring four polo shirts to shoot in one spot and actually swim in the ocean instead of editing by the shore. #unsolicitedadvice

Meanwhile, Bianca Gonzales mulls over the word “influencer” and how people have been using it as an excuse to feel entitled.

The word “influencer” is thrown a lot around these days. All of us, regardless of follower count, have influence with people around us, for sure. But it should never be a license to feel entitled to demand to be given free things.

She goes on to say in a later Tweet that influencers should wait for brand deals to come to them, instead of them demanding to be given these luxurious services and freebies.

Simple lang.. pag binigyan ka ng free service or free product, magpasalamat. Pero hintayin na sila ang magbigay, ‘wag ikaw ang mag-demand na bigyan ka. Kung gusto mo, bayaran please. Lumugar. #influencer

By the way, this isn’t shade. This is a reminder for all of us who might at times feel entitled to demand because of this new social media “influencer” culture.

Juan Miguel Severo, on the other hand, posed a question regarding the role of these influencers to local tourism as a response to what content creator Lance De Ocampo had previously said in his Instagram rant.

But are we really promoting local tourism or just flexing our privileged lives for more privileges?

Meanwhile, Aaron “Josh Strike” Atayde only had this to say:

First of all, don’t call yourself an “influencer”


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