Behind-the-scenes shots of Dr. Strange in Iron Man’s armor have been revealed!

It’s been a little over a year since Avengers: Endgame was released and made us all laugh, cry, and look on in awe at some of the world’s greatest superheroes and how they brought Thanos to justice. While the way things wrapped up had people dismayed at some of the characters’ fates, on the whole, it was definitely an explosive way to close some chapters in the MCU.

Of course, one of the more exciting aspects of Infinity War and Endgame was seeing all the heroes come together in one place and fight together. It was so thrilling knowing that everyone was fighting side by side for the greater good. Which is why Marvel fans got so excited when Stephen McFeely released some unused footage from Infinity War where Dr. Strange is donning the iconic Iron Man armor! Omg!

On the other hand, we also have our beloved Tony Stark wearing the Cloak of Levitation also behind-the-scenes. He definitely looks great!

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