Bebo’s Bombay Burritos: Serving Tasty Indian Street Food in La Union

When in La Union, you can enjoy more than the usual seafood, Filipino food, coffee, and vegan ice cream during your beach trip!

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Aside from hosting fun beach events, international surfing competitions, and aesthetic accommodations, San Juan, La Union is also home to amazing international restaurants. One that’s worth mentioning (and a must-try) is Bebo’s Bombay Burritos.

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Bebo’s Bombay Burritos is a food stall inside Port San Juan in La Union. Their stand offers Indian street food to-go, but if you want to chill, take your time, and savor their delicious food, they also have many seats in front of their stall.

They opened in the second half of 2022 and were among the first few businesses to open in Port San Juan.

Bebo Bharwani was born in Manila to Indian parents, and he shares with that he didn’t always appreciate the Indian food that his father would prepare for him as a child. But when his father passed, he started to miss it, leading him to learn how to cook Indian food and share it with their friends.

Bebo and his wife, Nikki Bharwani, lived in Metro Manila for decades before the pandemic hit. Like most people, they gained a new perspective in life that pushed them to take the leap of faith and finally move to La Union after months of constantly visiting and meeting new friends in the North’s famed Surftown.

Indian Street Food in La Union

Bebo’s Bombay Burritos is one of the very few places in San Juan, La Union where you can enjoy authentic Indian cuisine. It may also be the only spot in the province where you can get authentic Indian street food!

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They’ve got quite an extensive food menu featuring classic Indian food as well as some dishes that you might not have tried yet.

The highlight of their food menu is the Frankie, also known as the Indian Burrito.

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Just like the regular burrito you know and love, this dish is filled with protein, carbs, veggies, and flavorful sauces. The Frankie (PHP 290-340) features your choice of filling (beef kofta, chicken tikka, mushroom tandoori, shrimp tikka, or aloo gobi), hummus, potatoes, fenugreek, kachumber salad, tomato salsa, herbs, and Bebo’s “5-sauce surprise”, all wrapped in naan.

This was my instant favorite thanks to the harmonious blend of all the wonderful flavors. It’s also very filling, so be sure to try this when you’ve got a huge appetite!

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We also got to try the famous DIY Pani Puri, a well-known Indian street food that is an excellent choice for snacks or appetizers. The dish includes hollow deep-fried bread spheres, deliciously cooked potatoes, diced cucumbers, flavorful tamarind sauce, and yogurt.

How do you eat Pani Puri? Just poke a hole into the bread sphere, fill it up with potatoes, add the sauce, and enjoy the burst of flavors and texture in your mouth as you bite it all in one go.

Their samosas are another must-try appetizer that’s sure to be a hit for your friends and family. The samosas at Bebo’s are massive and filled with delicious and flavorful potatoes.

Craving for perfectly cooked basmati rice? Try the curries at Bebo’s!

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If you want something light, try the Fish Seyal (PHP 325) which is a cilantro-based curry. It’s more fresh, light, and herby than the usual Indian curries you might be more familiar with. It’s served with basmati rice in a cute mini clay pot that’s sourced from the famous clay pottery stores in San Juan!

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Another rice meal to try is their kebab. They have five kinds of kebabs to try, but I particularly loved the beef kebab (PHP 330) because of how juicy and flavorful it is.

Bebo’s Bombay Burritos also features breakfast options and tikka tacos on their food menu!

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To finish off your Indian street food feast, you have to try their refreshing Frozen Yogurt with Gulab Jamun (PHP 185), and my favorite: their Mango Lassi (PHP 160). It’s perfect to enjoy while you enjoy the beach breeze!

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La Union’s One of a Kind Food Experience

There’s no doubt that Bebo’s Bombay Burritos offers a food experience in San Juan, La Union unlike any other. Where else can you enjoy the best of Indian street food after a long day of swimming and surfing?

With Bebo’s Bombay Burritos serving locals and tourists the best of Indian street food, we’re sure that many city dwellers would be coming back to the Surfing Capital of the North again and again just to have a taste of their specialty dishes.

Bebo’s Bombay Burritos

inside Port San Juan, along the National Highway,
Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union

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