“Beauty Without Baggage”: Glow Skin Clinic Offers Premium Aesthetic Services At Reasonable Rates

Words by Micah Avry Guiao

Photos by Trisha Diaz de Rivera

There’s no doubt about it–skin care has never been given more attention and importance any other time than the present. If clay masks don’t seem to be doing the trick anymore, maybe it’s time you consider getting a facial.

Contrary to what most people’s notion is on facials, you’re not just paying for an hour-long series of cleansers, masks, and serums being applied to your face all for the sake of “treating yourself.” Facials are very much essential nowadays, and the price is a manifestation of the products, the level of expertise of the esthetician, and the technology being used.

In that case, Glow Skin Clinic–a newly opened aesthetic clinic in Uptown Mall, Taguig–may as well be our new skin care habit.

The clinic has five walk-in rooms, all inspired by the type of effects the clinic is going for: Sparkle, Beam, Shimmer, Gleam, and Shine. Its pastel and minimalistic interiors give off a light and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for what one might expect of a quality facial.

Camille Padilla, the woman behind Glow Skin Clinic, is no stranger to skin care clinics. She has been researching about it for a decade and began preparations to transform her idea into reality over the last two years.

“We believe that everyone should be able to experience high-quality skin aesthetic services without feeling like they’ve broken the bank. Glow Skin Clinic was conceived because we want Filipinos to embrace that skin care and self-love are not vain luxuries, but celebrations of their natural glow from within,” she says.

Daniel Matsunaga, Madi Ross, Janeena Chan, and Josefina Bolzico were among the celebrities present in the media launch held on August 9, 2018.

Glow Skin Clinic focuses solely on facials, so much so that they offer 12 treatments that each serve a specific purpose:

Basic pampering services that clarify the face include Essential Facial (Php 850), the foundation for clearer and glowing skin, and the Signature Facial (Php 2,500), an 8-step facial that cleans deeper. 

For those who want something more intensive, the clinic offers the Contour Facial by Pollogen Legend (Php 4,000), a non-invasive RF treatment that contours and slims the face.

To rejuvenate, Freshen Up Facial by OxyGeneO+ (Php 4,500) is a 3-in-1 facial that revives complexions for a healthy look.

Moisterizing treatments include Air Light Facial by BT Accent Air (Php 4,500) which plumps, nourishes, and hydrates the skin, as well as the HydraFacial Delight (Php 4,500) which bathes skin in intensive serums. Both combat signs of early aging. 

For a brighter glow, Jet Light Facial (Php 4,000) brightens dark areas and the Crystal Carbon Peel by Alma Q (Php 8,000) deeply exfoliates skin. Glow-Up Laser Light Facial (Php 8,000) is their signature laser facial. 

Instant rejuvenation is possible with the Madonna Glow by Oxylight (Php 8,000), a premium facial that incorporates six non-invasive beauty treatments into one, while Clear + Brilliant Facial (Php 12, 500) improves skin tone and texture and minimizes pores.

Last on the list is the Lift Off Facial by Sygmalift (Php 15,000), which is a gold standard procedure that instantly lifts, contours, and rejuvenates the skin.

Each session has a duration of either 60-90 minutes or 90-120 minutes. Discounts apply accordingly when a group of five come in for sessions.

If you’re uncertain which treatment is for you, there’s no need to worry–their staff will be more than willing to help you out. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to leave their clinic with a healthy, youthful glow.

Glow Skin Clinic opens its doors to the public by August 20, 2018. For those who simply cannot wait any longer, you’ll be glad to know that they also accept reservations and appointments. Mark your calendars–ready, set, glow!

Glow Skin Clinic

0918 881 0618



Facebook: glowskinclinicph

Instagram: @glowskinclinicph

B51b, 2/F Uptown Mall, Taguig, Metro Manila


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