Beauty Queen Accused of Being in an Affair with Local Politician Finally Breaks Silence

Miss Asia Pacific International 2018 Sharifa Akeel has finally spoken out against allegations being made about her for the past months by the wife of Maguindanao Rep. Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu.

Mylene Mangudadatu appeared in the radio show Raffy Tulfo in Action last June to accuse Sharifa of having an affair with her husband since last year and to threaten to file charges against them both. Raffy had reached out to them to get their statement, but did not get a response.

It wasn’t until Friday, August 28, that Sharifa broke her silence.

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“To Miss Desperada, I am not tearing you down. You are the one bad-mouthing me, right, yet I remained silent after all that you did. I don’t even care about you. I compete with no one. I do what I need to do, if my posts threaten you, that’s your own issue,” she began her emotionally charged statement.

She went on to challenge the unnamed person she’s addressing her post to, to come out of social media and face her instead of being all talk and no bite.

“If you hate me, hate me alone. Don’t be out there lying about me trying to recruit people to hate me with you,” she added. “I didn’t use anyone to be where I am now. I worked hard for these.. It’s you who did a good job of showing your true colors all on your own. Don’t blame me with your failed marriage and failed life. Blame your attitude that defines WHO YOU ARE right now.”

She ended her post by asking the unnamed person to provide evidence to her accusations and take it to the court. “Again, if you are really brave enough, don’t do the fighting over social media. We have the right place and proper venue to do such,” she said. “You really want to see me behind bars then proceed to court and flaunt all your evidence, if there are. Express all your agony, hatred and false accusations in court. I will see you there!”

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