Bearwin Meily shares ‘we cannot fake fitness’

Bearwin Meily continues his pursuit of fitness.

Last year, it was a big reveal to most of us how much he lost weight. He is no longer the plump dude we used to know. He actually looks so fit now.

Apparently, Bearwin has become hooked into running. Since 2006, he has been joining running events that led to a physical transformation.

He maintains what he has achieved and recently he shared on Facebook:

bearwin meily

“Ran 16k this morning walang medal, walang finisher shirt, walang kahit ano.. Ang pag jogging at ang pag takbo hindi pag may event lang..

“Gawin natin itong regular, siguradong panalo tayo all the way to the finish line.. Ang pagiging strong, fit and healthy hindi pabilisan, palayuan at paramihan ng medal at finisher shirt..”

“We cannot fake fitness..” -Bearwin Meily

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