Bea Alonzo is Still Good Friends With Her “One More Chance” Castmates and Awwwwwww

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It was in 2007 when a little movie called One More Chance changed a lot of people’s lives. We didn’t know it also changed the personal lives of its cast, since lead star Bea Alonzo is still good friends with her on-screen pals Dimples Romana and Bea Saw.

In an Instagram post, Alonzo shared a photo of the three of them hanging out. She captioned the photo with, “In this world of make-believe and where almost everything seems to be fleeting, having a friendship that beats a decade is a treasure. ❤️ I had an awesome day yesterday with these two! And it has been a while since I’ve had a day as awesome as that just by doing mundane things so I will be posting more pictures! Haha! Sensya na!”

Meanwhile, Romana shared Instagram Stories of the trio cooking, of Bea playing with Romana’s son Alonzo, and even going furniture shopping.

She also posted a photo of the girls, with the caption, “No make up. No lights. No scripts. Guards down, walls out. And just a little over a decade of genuine friendship.”

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