Bazooka Rocks 3: Get Ready with These Taking Back Sunday and The Used Heartbreak Songs


The Used Will Be at Bazooka Rocks 3

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This Utah-based band released its first album, also conveniently self-titled as The Used, and it was so awesome it got me hooked for the rest of my angsty teenage years. Yes, the vocalist’s voice is a high-pitched squeal developing into a growl-scream, but it really is an acquired taste my parents were never fond of.


Top 10 The Used Songs


10. Maybe Memories (Album: The Used)

Every time Bert McCracken lets out a growl/scream in this song, I get goose bumps. But really, I’d love to mosh with my past heartbreaks to this song screaming “I’m not going to look back!”

#hugot lines: “As we trudge along the mud

                          And we tried to call it home

                          But we weren’t alright, not at all

                          Not for one for one for one second”



 9. Taste of Ink (Album: The Used)

Biting the tip of your pen out of frustration from whatever it is will never really satiate a hunger that continues to drive you to pursue that goal (which could be that special someone). You finally get what you want and you’re on a high (/borderline lunacy).

#hugot line: “In this sea of lonely

                        The taste of ink is getting old

                         It’s four o’ clock in the fucking morning

                         Each day gets more and more like the last day”



8. Buried Myself Alive (Album: The Used)

This is my song to all of the narcissistic ex-boyfriends and girlfriends that had to resort to some form of emotional blackmail. Also, to those who’ve never reciprocated my love (maniacal laugh).

#hugot line: “I guess it’s ok I puked the day away

                         I guess it’s better you trapped yourself in your own way

                         And if you want me back

                         You’re gonna have to ask

                         Nicer than that”



7. Bulimic (Album: The Used)

Remember that ex who fed you all of that negativity once your relationship went down the drain?

Well, ingesting that burden can be bad for your stomach and letting it out may be the only way to move forward again. Because, not even a relationship should hold you back down from your dreams.

#hugot lines: “I’m about to see a million things

                          I thought I’d never see before and I

                          I’m about to do all of the things

                          I’ve dreamed of and

                          I don’t even miss you at all”



6. Blue and Yellow (Album: The Used)

Okay, let’s set aside the hatred and go back to the blissful beginnings of a budding relationship. Fingers lacing, swelling tensions, sparks of kinetic energy, the anxious start of something more than a filial relationship. Like Bert said, “Rather waste some time with you.” **kilig**

#hugot lines: “Should’ve done something but I’ve done it enough

                          By the way your hands were shaking

                          Rather waste some time with you”



5. A Box Full Of Sharp Objects (Album: The Used)

Another song about falling in love and the glorifying emotions that come thereafter. But really, remember way back when you were young, free and then with that special someone, suddenly invincible?

 #hugot lines: “It’s our time to shine through the down

                           Glorified by what is ours

                           We’ve fallen in love

                           We’ve fallen in love

                           It was the best idea I ever had”



4. Take It Away (Album: In Love and Death)

That time you were just a pawn in a toxic relationship. He’s taken everything you ever worked for. She’s so fond of showing off how much better she is without you (yeah, on Facebook).

#hugot lines: “I can’t stop itching

                          Over thoughts of tarnished hope

                          Kinda funny

                          Lonely feeling

                          I’m not in love

                          You know it’s not love

                          Don’t make it look so pretty burning”



3. Let It Bleed (Album: In Love and Death)

For what it’s worth, your drama could be the only literature going on for you right now. So, why not revel in it a bit? Indulge in every self-inflicted catharsis in your personal life.

#hugot lines: “Let it bleed

                          Take the red for what it’s worth

                          Watch the fire

                          Fill your lungs with smoke for the last time

                          If you feel like dying you might wanna sing”



2. Listening (Album: In Love and Death)

How bad is it to have become jaded by lies and excuses? All of the emotional trauma she’s caused you? To the point of apathy. To the point of revenge.

#hugot lines: “Lights out, I can’t stand to hear you scream

                          While we were making love I was fast asleep

                          And the night sky better give something up”



 1. I Come Alive (Album: Vulnerable)

A bit more theatrical with their sound from their past albums, Vulnerable has one real gem and I can really relate with, and that’s  I Come Alive. You fall; you get up, stronger, faster and smarter. Check out the graphic video before for the full experience.

#hugot lines: “I come alive

                          When I’m falling down

                          I let myself go

                          ‘Til I hit the ground

                          When I’m there, at the edge,

                          In this moment I feel it I know

                          Come alive when I’m falling down



Another clear bias to their earlier albums; but hey, fans are saying they’re returning to their old sound (with a new twist). And I’m gonna be excited to hear that at Bazooka Rocks 3 when they visit Manila!

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Bazooka Rocks 3: Get Ready with These Taking Back Sunday and The Used Heartbreak Songs