Bayanihan in Action: Strangers Work Together to Move Stalled Vehicle

Whenever there’s a stalled vehicle along the road, motorists would often just drive pass the vehicle and leave it to the proper authorities. While choosing not to hover and stare might help lessen the traffic, there will also be times when we’d need to do more than just that.

One concerned citizen shares his story of BAYANIHAN IN ACTION last Monday, October 6, 2015.  The concerned citizen who wishes to remain anonymous shares that on his way to BGC, he noticed a truck stalled somewhere along C5 which was causing terrible traffic. The stalled truck had been there from 4am to 7:45am which caused traffic all the way from SLEX-C5 exit to shell C5.


Though there were a few people on the scene (driver, helper, 2 MMDAs, 1 Taguig person and the thousands of people passing by), they weren’t really doing anything and simply resigned to the situation. Somehow accepting that there’s nothing else they can do but wait for the tow truck to arrive.  4 hours had passed and everyone was just waiting for the tow truck.  In the meantime, thousands of commuters were delayed . And the team was just waiting. So what happens when traffic builds up? Precious time and MILLIONS of pesos are wasted. Hence, instead of waiting for others, why not do what we can while we can?

After our concerned citizen mentions this, everyone realizes they need to do something and began talking and finding ways on how to help. One guy pointed out that there was a Shell station nearby, to which they agreed to go and ask for assistance. The guy at Shell took his tools and came out to help as well.

It took two men (driver and shell staff) armed with two steel rods to get the block out from under the wheel. It took the traffic enforcers and the cooperation of the drivers to clear the path for the truck to be moved to the side. In just a short time, the truck was moved and traffic slowly got better.




These are just SOME of the people who helped out that day. In behalf of all the commuters and motorists who passed by C5 that morning… THANK YOU! It’s about time we stopped WAITING for someone else to do something and started DOING what we can while we can. This story is the perfect example of BAYANIHAN IN ACTION, may there be more concerned citizens like you around.

What do you think of this story? What would you have done in this situation?

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