Baron Geisler’s Camp Speaks Up On Bar Brawl

Baron Geisler's Camp Speaks Up On Bar Brawl


The actor Baron Geisler seems to always attract trouble. He has balanced his successful career in acting with alcoholism, sexual harassment, and public fights, resulting in lawsuits and bans in the showbiz industry.

Just when we thought he was getting his act together with roles in Metro Manila Film Festival movies, two videos spread on social media showing his notoriously violent streak when intoxicated.

The videos were uploaded on Facebook by Mojahid Abdulmoumen, who witnessed the actor’s brawl outside a bar in Pampanga. The first video’s audio isn’t clear, but snippets reveal that he wasn’t allowed to enter because he was drunk. In the second, he is seen shouting at the bouncer.

Geisler’s camp released a statement, accusing the bar’s bouncer of bringing up his past issues with alcoholism. According to the statement:


We do not know of any bar that discriminates against incoming patrons whether they appear inebriated or not. We can only conclude that this is a result of the stigma caused by similar incidents involving Mr. Geisler in the past.


His management also said that it brought hurt feelings to the actor, and urged the public to be more discerning before judging. They added:


Despite the commotion outside the bar, we are thankful that Baron had the right mind to walk away in the end from the said incident.


Watch the videos below:




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