Barbie Forteza Goes on Trip Abroad After “Drowning From All the Unnecessary Noise”

Barbie Forteza opened up to friends and fans about her experience going on a healing trip abroad after feeling overwhelmed with everything that has been happening in her “world.”

In an Instagram post, the “Maria Clara at Ibarra” star posted a picture of herself in Chicago, Illinois where she spent nearly a month recuperating.

“Felt like I was drowning from all the unnecessary noise my world has been giving me. So, I decided to come here and I’ve experienced the best 20 days of normal, calm and quiet life,” she wrote on the caption of her post.

barbie forteza

It seems that her vacation was well-spent as she affirmed that she is ready to “go back to [her] world again,” possibly pertaining to her showbiz career.

“Now, I can’t wait to go back to my world again. I won’t drown this time. I’m not afraid of the water anymore [because] now, I know how to swim,” she added.

Plenty of her friends and fans, including Christian Bautista, Agot Isidro, and producer Joey Abacan, expressed their support for Barbie in the comments section.

Based on Barbie’s posts, she spent her vacation with her sister Gabrielle Vierneza.

Barbie shot up to fame following her portrayal of Klay in the GMA series based on Jose Rizal’s works as well as her love team with onscreen partner David Licauco who played Fidel.

A month ago, Barbie and her real-life boyfriend Jak Roberto celebrated their monthsary with a ramen date, quashing rumors that they have split up.

It is unknown if Barbie is back in the Philippines already.

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