Baked by Mon: Your Go-To Shop for ALL of Your Sweet Cravings

When it comes to sweet things, I have my go-to places. I have my favorite cookie place, my favorite cake place, my favorite brownie place… you get the picture. Never did I imagine that I would find a place where I could find all of my favorite sweets in it – and with them all being really delicious to boot! Say hello to Baked by Mon.

Baked by Mon was a childhood dream of a kid who loves to cook. He started with simple fried food at a young age and made his way to basic Filipino delicacies in his college years. Since he had a sweet tooth, this kid (who had already entered the corporate world) thought: “Why not try to make pastries and cakes, too?” What started as a hobby of baking cakes and pastries for his friends eventually turned into the online shop that I am raving about today – made for people with a sweet tooth like him.

When I tried the sweets by Baked by Mon, I really thought I had gone to sweets heaven. They offer a wide range of products from pastries to cupcakes to customized cakes. And let me just say it again: THEY. ARE. ALL. DELICIOUS.

Here are some of my favorites:

Baked by Mon Brownies

Brownies (Php160 for a box of 6)

As you can see, they don’t scrimp on the chocolate chips!

Baked by Mon Egg Tarts

Portuguese Egg Tarts (Php300 for a box of 6)

My daughter fell in love with these at first bite!

Baked by Mon Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes

They were almost too pretty to eat!

Baked by Mon Cookies


Just look at those huge chunks of chocolate! These were our ultimate favorite of the bunch!!!

Baked by Mon Ube Macapuno Cake

Ube Macapuno Custard Cake (Php1,000)

If you love ube macapuno, this is the perfect cake for you!

Mon shares that he takes several aspects into consideration when choosing the products that he bakes. First, he bakes products that he knows he can perfect. He prioritizes people’s happiness, after all, so he focuses on both taste and aesthetics. “If it’s pleasing to the eye, then people will be drawn to taste it and it will start the repurchase process,” he explains. Well, that’s definitely not something he needs to worry about because everything looks absolutely gorgeous.

Baked by Mon

Even the packaging in itself will make you feel oh-so-special. It’s so pretty!

Mon adds that he also considers commonly bought products, and injects a different twist to some products to have a variety of choices. He even offers the trending ube cheese pandesal!

Baked by Mon delivers to places in Metro Manila, as well as to nearby provinces like Bulacan and Laguna. To ensure the freshness of their products, Baked by Mon makes sure that they bake everything a day before delivery if not on the delivery day itself. This ensures that their products arrive as freshly baked as possible.

Baked by Mon proves that even small online bakeshops can produce high quality desserts. You will definitely get your money’s worth here, so what are you craving for today? If it’s something sweet, we’re sure Baked by Mon probably has it. Check out their social media accounts below.

Baked by Mon


Instagram: @baked_by_mon

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