Baguio’s famous strawberry shortcake is beyond delicious–and now you can get it in Metro Manila

Jealous of all those Baguio throwback photos that people are posting on social media? Or maybe you’re nostalgic about your last trip? The sights, the sounds, the cold–Baguio is a great place. What’s even better? The food. Comfort food haven. There’s nothing like Baguio strawberries or ube or alfajores to really get the Baguio love burning. And the crowning jewel? Vizco’s famous strawberry shortcake.

Perfectly moist with a crown of cut strawberries and piped cream, it’s a beauty to behold. It’s not too sweet, despite all those strawberries, and has the perfect flavor. The cream is so smooth and light, not too heavy at all. The sponge itself is imbued with strawberry goodness. And the slices of fresh, tart Baguio strawberries to top it all off? Heavenly.

The best part? You can now get this cake in Metro Manila! Lust no more for that 8-hour trip to the cool air of Baguio for this cake, you can have it right in your home in a fraction of the time it takes to drive there! The Etsetera brings the famous cakes to your homes from Baguio and it still tastes fresh and delectable. Amazing!

Vizco’s strawberry shortcake (6 inches – PHP 1000, 8 inches – PHP 1300)

Each cake is more than enough for a family of 6 but if you want to hoard it for yourself, we don’t blame you. It’s got that flavor that feels like you’ve been transported to Baguio, reveling in the cool winds and mist. It’s fresh, it’s tasty, and it’s closer than you think.

The Etsetera carries more than just Vizco’s famous cake. It also carries goods from Good Shepherd, Victoria Bakery, and even more! So it’s not just one Baguio favorite, but almost all of them. You can definitely order some cake alongside some ube jam and even some of the most lightweight, yummy cream puffs I’ve ever tasted from Victoria Bakery.

They get the good with the help of Grab drivers whose jobs were affected by the pandemic. So everyone’s working hand-in-hand to help each other out! Love!

Victoria Bakery cream puffs (PHP 350)

What are you waiting for? Head on over to The Etsetera‘s Facebook page to avail of their goods! Brb, gonna get another cream puff.

The Etsetera


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