Baby Portraits Without the Hassle: The Picture Company Trinoma is Now Open

The Picture Company Photoshoot 7

Beautiful Portraits Through Fun and Play


There’s photography, and there’s professional photography.

Hi, I’m John Hudson Go. Doting Father.

We stumbled upon The Picture Company Trinoma in a very peculiar way: My sister called us up end of March because she wanted to have a family portrait to celebrate our parents’ 40th anniversary.

“Tara, bring two sets of clothes, ha,” she said, “one white and one red.”

“What time do we meet?”

“Twelve o’ clock.”

“Uh, that’s five minutes from now.”

Now, my wife and I decided to be very hands-on with our firstborn. Like, really hands-on. Like, not just for Instagram. You know what I mean… So to say the least, Annalyn, our baby Eve, and myself were not at all prepared to go out, what more to have our pictures taken at the time.

Needless to say, we arrived late. The Picture Company’s newly opened Trinoma branch is located at the “baby alley” of the mall’s third floor. At the studio, photographer Marky Saavedra was shooting my sister’s two boys.

Mad props to the studio. It had THE WORKS. From alphabet blocks to tiaras and butterfly wings to toy cars that Marky used to get Paul and Evyn’s attention, the studio was equipped with all the props for infants, toddlers, and young children to play and pose with – and they’re organized in a very O.C. manner. You can even have your cake smash – which I heard is all the rave for baby photography these days – in the studio, provided that you bring your own cake!

More than the props, I think The Picture Company’s x-factor lies with their team of patient, professional photographers and staff who know their way around kids. Our two boys, makukulit yan. Evyn, the second-born, even has a bump on his temple fresh from family camp a few days back. (It’s visible in our extended family portraits, though in the final edit TPC’s production team digitally removed the bruise already.) So when Marky was able to get Paul and Evyn to participate, I was very impressed.

The Picture Company Photoshoot 1

The Picture Company Photoshoot 2

Then, we had our family portrait…

The Picture Company Photoshoot 3

And the kids with their Ang-Kong and A-Ma

The Picture Company Photoshoot 8


And finally, portraits of Evie…

The Picture Company Photoshoot 9

The Picture Company Photoshoot 10

We honestly did not have any intention of having Evie’s portraits taken. But seeing how nice the shots came out, we ended up getting a bunch of the photos. After all, how often can we capture special moments so beautifully?

Check out The Picture Company Trinoma on Facebook, and visit them at the 3rd Floor, Trinoma, EDSA cor North Ave.