Azucar Sugaring Wax Makes Waxing at Home Incredibly Easy

One of the things that I missed (and needed!!!) the most since quarantine started was my monthly wax session. I kept telling myself that quarantine wouldn’t last too long and that waxing places would be open again in no time. Clearly, that didn’t happen.

When I finally accepted and admitted that things weren’t gonna change anytime soon, I looked around for ways to remove unwanted hair at home. I tried a lot of different products, all of which I ended up just being disappointed with. And then I discovered Azucar Sugaring Wax.

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Rica Siena actually started this business because waxing places were closed. She tried to make her own sugar wax and was so amazed by the result that she thought of sharing it with other people who needed hair removal at an affordable price. And I AM SO GLAD SHE DID. Her products are literally everything that I was looking for!

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Photo from Azucar Sugaring Wax

Azucar Sugaring Wax is a homemade hair removal product created with all-natural ingredients which consists of lemon, sugar, and water. Rica personally prepares the wax, which is completely safe and easy to use.

To be honest, I actually put off trying the products after receiving them because I didn’t trust my clumsy self to do it right. The minute I did, though, and successfully removed all of my unwanted hair with no stress or hassle at the first try; I immediately shared the discovery with my mom. My mom isn’t really fond of DIY stuff, but she came to me with a satisfied look on her face and two thumbs up afterwards, stating, “Effective and safe. I would highly recommend.” These products are easy to use for any age and they get the job done.

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Photo from Azucar Sugaring Wax

What I love the most about Azucar Sugaring Wax is that you don’t need waxing paper for it. You just spread and flick – easy peasy!

Azucar actually has two variants available: the regular one and the one with activated charcoal. I haven’t tried the latter yet; but apparently, it has small particles that helps with gentle exfoliation and helps whiten the skin – amazing! It also melts slower than the regular one.

Whichever one you choose, though, I am sure you will be satisfied with the easy process and the.much-needed results! Their social media accounts aside, you can also find Azucar Sugaring Wax on Shopee and Lazada.

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