Ayala Ave Bike Lanes to Be Converted to Sharrows

Ayala Avenue bike lanes will be converted to shared lanes between cyclists and commuters, Make it Makati announced. This will be implemented starting February 15 in an effort to improve traffic flow in Makati in general, and in preparation for the provision of more transit sheds along the road.

They explained, “Shared Lane Markings (SLMs) or “sharrows” are road markings with a sign showing a bicycle under two wide arrows that are painted on the road and used to indicate a shared lane environment for bicycles and vehicles.”

“Makati continues to be a bike-friendly city with all the available biking initiatives in place,” they claimed.

However, online outcry about the new policy urged the local government to issue a follow-up statement. “We have read your comments on the advisory about the conversion of Ayala Avenue bike lanes to sharrows. We understand your sentiment,” they acknowledged. “However, as businesses and offices already opened, the number of commuters who take public utility vehicles have also increased. As such, we must find ways to better serve the needs of everyone in the community.”

Nevertheless, Makati City calls for the people’s support and understanding. “We look forward to nurturing the good relationship we have built with the biking community as we come up with more bike-friendly,” they concluded.

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