AWWW: This man collects junk to sell to feed his dogs

If dogs are a man’s best friend, us humans are more than willing to return their paw-some love back to them.

Mikko Ramos spotted this man along the road that seemed to have many dogs surrounding his cart. Curious, he pulled to a stop and found out the story of the man, the kart, and the dogs.

WHEN IN MANILA has reached out to Ramos for further details.

I took this photo last March 11. My sister and I were driving along Quezon Ave when we spotted an old man pushing a cart, and there were a lot of dogs accompanying him. She and I were touched with what we saw so we thought of helping him because we also love animals, especially dogs.

My Ate, who was driving, pulled over in front of a grocery store along Quezon Avenue, and on my end, I went to talk to him to know more about him.


Ramos narrates to WHEN IN MANILA how the old man could not leave his dogs behind at home so he brings them with him everywhere.

I think yung iba, anak na ng in-adopt niyang dogs. Kasama niya sila kapag nagkakalakal siya kasi itong lang yung means para makakain sila. Sa gabi nga lang niya daw napapakain yung mga aso and whatever he eats, kinakain din nila.Nakakaawa din yung dogs kasi may mga scabs na din at sugat.

(Rough translation: I think the other dogs are the (grown) puppies of the other dogs. The dogs are with him when he goes about his day being a merchant since this is his means of feeding them and himself. It’s only during night time where he can only feed the dogs and whatever he eats, the dogs eat the same thing. It’s just pitiful to see the dogs with scabs and wounds.”)


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Ramos tells WHEN IN MANILA that they only had a short conversation since they had to leave already but was able to hand him groceries, water and dog food.

That night I thought of posting this photo because I kept thinking about him and the dogs. I realized that iba yung pagmamahal talaga ng aso sa tao. These dogs, it didn’t matter whether their owner was rich or poor, what mattered was the owner’s love. It was obvious sight to see that the dogs love him back because he was the only one to really adopt them when they were left alone in the streets. I was also moved by that fact because dogs will really love you no matter what you look like or whatever your status is in life.

Ramos confesses that considering the man’s condition, the ability and the heart to take care of these dogs “struck him”.

He almost had nothing. Nabubuhay siya sa kalakal yet he took it upon himself to take care of them. Kaya sabi ko, even if hindi ako mahilig sa social media, I will share the photo as a way to show this kind of love, that animals are true companions, loving and loyal.

(Rough translation: He almost had nothing. He lives through selling junk yet he took it upon himself to take care of them. That’s why I told myself, even if I’m not really fond of social media, I will share the photo as a way to show this kind of love, that animals are true companions, loving and loyal.”)


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What Ramos also saw at the side of his kart was the palindrome “GOD, DOG”. He was unable to ask about it but he believes that there was a deep meaning behind it.

My friend did say that the photo has so many layers, as if there were a lot of stories behind the photo.  I realized that after uploading the photo, a lot could relate to what my sister and I were feeling. I hope, more than anything else, people will not only be able to help him and the dogs but also to create an awareness to love animals talaga – not to kill or abuse them but to make them your lifelong companion. They live only a max of what, 15-20 years? But the influence of a dog in your life is for a lifetime. Whenever a dog in our family dies, we all cry because dogs made us happy. They bring joy in our lives.


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