AWW: This high schooler attended her JS prom and her yaya had too much #FEELS!

It’s an emotional moment for those who have witnessed the people they love for the longest time bloom and grow up. For parents, for example, seeing their children perhaps start school, garner achievements in life and even as simple as attending the school prom could be quite an emotional roller coaster ride, as they have witnessed the growth of their children from diaper days to present day. Time really flies when you enjoy it with the people close to your heart.

High schooler Julianna Dela Cruz‘s Yaya (maid) Lisa is one of those special persons who played a significant role in her life. She has been with her family for about 20 years already. It was a teary moment for yaya when she saw her alaga all dolled up for prom, and Dela Cruz was just touched by her Yaya’s gesture.


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Dela Cruz and her date at the prom. Photo by Willstills Lifestyle Photography

“Basically she’s been a part of the family even before I was born,” Dela Cruz narrates to WHEN IN MANILA“Growing up, my Yaya and my ninang (Gloria) took care of my siblings and I all the time, they’re both my second mothers!! My family’s relationship with them is very tightly knit so they’re really close to our hearts.”

“One thing my yaya and I always talk about is how much I’ve grown past her height because when I was little, we’d always measure my height by standing next to each other and I’d usually always be at chest-level with her but now she’s around neck level with me!”

Dela Cruz shares how vital Yaya Lisa’s role is in her life, and how she appreciates her support in everything she does. Through the best and worst moments in her life, she was there for her.

“You could say it’s been a very bumpy journey for the two of us. With regards to her being supportive, an example would be softball! When I’d have to leave early in the morning for my games, she’d stop what she’s doing just so she could braid my hair because it’s really a must for me to play in boxer braids! I’m so, so thankful for having her in my life. I honestly can’t imagine a world without her in it. Everyone just feels so ecstatic around her because she’s truly a bundle of joy!”

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Yaya Lisa and Dela Cruz (infant in photo)


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Yaya Lisa and Dela Cruz


On the day of Dela Cruz’s prom, she walked into her room to tell her that her date arrived and was waiting downstairs. When she saw Dela Cruz all dressed up and ready to leave, she started to cry in front of her and her mom.

“Seeing her like that made me really emotional and it was really difficult not to cry but I had to hold back my tears or else my make up would’ve been smudge,” she jokes. “But to keep the long story short, my yaya has watched me grow up since day 1 and I’m really grateful that she was there to witness everything from the simplest to the most important moments of my life.”

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