Awesome Tour Package to Pangasinan via Byaheng Victory


Breakfast and Hundred Island Tour

As soon as we “landed”, we had a hefty breakfast at a nearby restaurant and immediately headed off for our Hundred Island Tour. Again, everything was already pre-arranged. We just needed to follow Ma-ann to wherever it was we were going.



Breakfast is inclusive (depends on the package)



We rode our boat and sailed around a few islands. We stopped and swam on 3 or 4. Our two friends, Elijah and James even decided to go snorkeling and had the chance to see the magnificent giant clams!



 Swimming at one of the hundred islands



One island had this cave which was connected to the ocean. You’d have to climb up and dive in!




We had the chance to climb more hills and mountains on the different islands, but my favorite would have to be Governor’s Island. Here, we got to climb to the peak where we were able to view all 100+ islands! (There are more than just a hundred islands now) The islands were just BEAUTIFUL! The wind blowing in my hair, clear blue sky above and crystal water down below with green islands popping out every few meters. It is definitely a work of art and one you should see at least once in this lifetime!




 Hundred Islands in the background. Astonishing ain’t it?


It was soon getting late and time to head back. The weather started to turn and it started drizzling. Everyone was happy for the rains as it cooled us all off, but then it just got scary! While in the boat on the way back to the main island, the rain started pouring really hard! Long bolts of lightning could be seen from afar. For some reason, I didn’t feel scared as I felt how confident the boatman was. Ma-ann also made sure everyone was okay and asked us all to wear our life jackets just to be sure. I could sense she was scared but she tried her best to hide it. I loved how our group kept laughing the entire way back despite the fear of our boat actually sinking from the strong rains! I would say this turned out to be the highlight of the trip! Kudos to our guide Ma-ann and the boatman for being leaders during this event.




Eli’s hair-raising reaction when the rain suddenly poured. The rain felt like thousands of needs being thrown at us for some reason!



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