American / Logophile / Contrarian / Provocateur / Ex Radio Personality / Vagabond I have a tendency to simplify the complex while ironically also bringing complexity to the simplistic. The lens through which I view the world is my own and it's perception is often misunderstood. My writings are not only a glimpse into the results of my creative processes but also within each word that comes from the soul of a wordsmith comes a piece of who they are, and I'm grateful to be able to share any part of myself with those willing to listen. The Philippines is undoubtedly my home away from home and I'm always striving to involve myself in the culture a little more everyday. Whether that's kickin' it with the locals, learning the language, or exploring the hidden reaches of the Filipino lands. This extends beyond the Philippines to wherever I may travel, but sa Pilipinas will always be home, and it's citizens, my family. Marunong ako mag tagalog pero konti lang. :)