Austrian Tourist is the Only Passenger in Manila to Boracay Flight

Austrian Tourist is the Only Passenger in Manila to Boracay Flight

Traveling is fun, but the actual act of traveling can be a hassle. You have to deal with long lines at Immigration, the possibility of being the victim of a scam, dealing with noisy neighbors on the plane, and cramped space. But for this Austrian tourist, he got to fly from Manila to Boracay as the only passenger.

Alex Simon, recorded himself as the only passenger for a Philippine Airline flight to Boracay, flying to the island with two flight attendants and two pilots.

Simon told The Daily Mail:

When I arrived to the airport I just heard my name on the speaker, “Sir Alexander Simon, please come to the information.” So the lady explained to me that I don’t need to wait two more hours on my connecting flight, we’re gonna start in 30 minutes because there are no more passengers except me. I was little bit surprised and I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was dreaming. Later while boarding I just realised that it’s gonna be a special flight because this time I didn’t even need to line up. I took my seat then I asked the flight attendant lady if I can sit next to the window. [I was told] you can sit anywhere, because you’re the only one passenger.

His video was posted last year but only made the rounds online after being shared on websites. His video shows him entering the cockpit and talking to the pilots and him relaxing in his seat.

Watch his video below:

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