Audeze LCD-2: Planar Magnetic headphones worth $995, teaser unboxing!

When In Manila and you want premiere top of the line headphones, you should move to planar magnetic technology equipped headphones for their amazing sound quality and premium pricing and availability. So to say, these headphones usually are the “exotic cars” of headphones. They will blow you away with their premium class sound quality, design and build. And we are extremely lucky to have the Audeze LCD-2, one of the BEST headphones EVER in the entire world, up for a review and even for a CONTEST!!! So here’s our teaser unboxing of the Audeze LCD-2! They have a premium price of $995!!! And yes, repeating again, we will have a CONTEST for one Audeze LCD-2 on my review/feature of the Audeze LCD-2! So please watch-out for it!




IMG 0553

The Audeze LCD-2 comes in an air-tight, water-proof hard case!
Premium protection for a premium product. Lovin’ it!




IMG 0559

Comes with its very OWN frequency graph! Yes, each Audeze LCD-2‘s sonic character is measured! Amazing!
The Audeze LCD-2 also comes with a warranty documentation brochure and cleaning instructions.




IMG 0564

Tada! Beautiful, just sooooo beautiful!




IMG 0570

Premium headphones with premium detachable cables and premium wood wax for taking care of that beautiful Bamboo wood.




IMG 0579

In all its Lambskin leather and Bamboo wood glory. Such magnificent craftsmanship on the build and sound! Just like a Lamborghini!




IMG 0582

What can I say? I love every single thing about the Audeze LCD-2! From the packaging, build, design and DEFINITELY the sound!




Watch out for my review of the Audeze LCD-2! Our contest mechanics to win an Audeze LCD-2 worth $995 will be revealed on the review as well, so make sure to not miss it and let your friends know!


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Audeze LCD-2: Planar Magnetic headphones worth $995, teaser unboxing!

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